We offer storytelling coaching to help you bring a personal touch to your professional, scientific, and passion-project stories. Please email ana@ananelson.com to find out about upcoming classes or to chat about your project!


In addition to being educational and helping to break down personal barriers, I found Ana Nelson’s workshop to be most important of all, fun! Telling a personal story could be a scary experience, but I found in such a supportive, engaging and fun environment, it was easy.

Matthew Tom


I had the good fortune to sit in on several storytelling workshops run by Ana Nelson. I felt very lucky to have worked with her in these sessions, because she obviously had a great deal of experience and knew her craft well. Her competence was immediately obvious to our group, and so she was quickly accepted as the kind of leader who earns the respect of her group. We had a diversity participants in the group from a few who were more experienced storytellers to rank beginners, and she was able to somehow address the very divergent needs of such a diverse group. Our group developed a close camaraderie as result of her skilled leadership, and so the workshop was both fun and enlightening. I would enthusiastically recommend her for any events where you need a clever, witty, charming and experienced storytelling / improv workshop leader.

Christian Einfeldt